Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 Legislation - We Need Your Help!!

 Meeting Guide for Lake Association Starts

Black Duck Lake
Steering Committee Meeting
North Slope Lodge, Wilderness, Maine
Maine Congress of Lake Associations


1) Introductions “Why I’m Here”
2) What Aspects of Black Duck Lake and its Watershed Do You Want to Preserve?
3) What Concerns do You Have about the Future of Black Duck Lake?
4) What Would you Like your Association to Accomplish in 5 Years?
5) What Projects Will be Necessary to Get There?
6) Prioritize: Pick the Most Immediate and Important Projects (limit: 5)
7) Structure
i) Database; Who will Keep this Record?
ii) Next Meeting Dates: ____________, ___________, ___________

Action Person Responsible Due Date









Maine Lakes Society 

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