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 Group Insurance Rates

Maine COLA endorses the Commercial Insurance Proposal from the Allen Agency

Please note: This is not an official quote - for the most up-to-date rates, please contact the Allen Agency.
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NB: Small Lake Associations now can buy

Directors and Officers Liability

for a new, low rate. Please See Section 1, below

Group Rate Liability Insurance

Exclusively for Maine Lake Associations and Alliances

Maine COLA has been working with the Maine DEP and the state Office of Risk Management to find affordable liability insurance for Maine lake associations and alliances engaged in milfoil prevention and mitigation, placing navigational buoys and recreational activities.

The Office of Risk Management provided us with a list of Maine insurance counselors, and we chose one on the basis of his experience in providing marine insurance. This counselor, Mr. Gene McKeever of the Allen Agency inCamden , Maine , has negotiated highly competitive liability policies which are now available to all Maine lake associations and alliances whether or not they are members of Maine COLA.

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Commercial Insurance Proposal


It is an insurance proposal, setting out the liability insurance coverage endorsed by the Maine Congress of Lake Associations and made available to Maine lake associations and lake alliances exclusively through Mr. Gene McKeever 

of the Allen Agency , Camden , Maine .

The various categories of liability insurance  such as - - directors and officers liability, vessel coverages, pollution liability, - - comprise a menu of choices. Associations and alliances may choose one type of coverage, two, several, or all options as fits the level of protection needed.

June 11, 2007

I. Directors and Officers Liability

Coverage Details






Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability:

DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS LIABILITY COVERAGE insures corporate directors and officers against claims, usually brought by stockholders, alleging loss due to mismanagement. More individuals owning stock and more stringent standards imposed by the courts indicate a growing risk. An outside directorship liability policy is available as supplementary protection to assure sufficient limits for the exposure created when a company’s director, officer or employee serves in an outside director position at its request.

Premium Summary / Comparison


Type of Insurance

Premium (annual)

What does it protect me against?

General Liability

Small associations

that have no assets

$501 minimum

Claims and  Defense costs for bodily injury and property damage

Marine Package

For  Larger associations that have assets such as boats, cars or ATVs, property, computers, etc.

$1,500 minimum

Claims and Defense costs for bodily injury and property damage

Directors and Officers Liability

$774 (flat fee per association) in addition to general liability insurance

Defense costs and claims against the conduct or mismanagement of all directors, employees, officers, volunteers (and their spouses) Claims other than bodily injury

NOTE: Insurance coverage for Directors and Officers Liability is one type of policy, and General Liability is another. An association may choose to purchase Directors and Officers Liability, alone, or it may add General Liability coverage under a second policy. The level of General Liability an association chooses will depend upon the level of its activity and can be selected on an "as needed" basis from the menu in Section II of this proposal.

The Allen Agency strongly recommends both types of coverage, Directors and Officers Liability and General Liability.

II. General Liability

Coverage Detail


Limits of Liability





Each Occurrence



Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit



General Aggregate (other than Prod./Comp Ops)



Medical Payments Limit of Insurance



Damage to premises rented-Limit of Insurance



Combined Single Liability Deductible



Non-owned & hired Auto

Commercial General Liability Coverages

The Commercial General Liability Policy provides the insurance protection needed to pay damages for bodily injury or property damages for which the insured is legally responsible. The policy provides coverage for liability arising from personal injury and advertising injury. Coverage for medical expense is also provided. The policy also covers accidents occurring on the premises or away from the premises. Coverage is provided for injury or damages arising out of goods or products made or sold by the named insured. The insured is the named insured and the employees of the named insured. However, several individuals and organizations, other than the named insured, may be covered, depending upon certain circumstances specified in the policy. In addition to the limits, the policy provides supplemental payments for attorney fees, court costs and other expenses associated with a claim or the defense of a liability suit.

Commercial Automobile Coverages

1. Liability Coverage

The liability coverage of the commercial auto policy provides protection against legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any insured automobile. The insuring agreement agrees to pay damages for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is legally responsible because of an automobile accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered auto. The insuring agreement also states that in addition to the payment of damages for which the insured is legally liable, the insurer also agrees to defend the insured for all legal defense cost. The defense cost is in addition to the policy limits.

2. Non-Owned Autos

Coverage is provided only for autos not owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by the named insured. Coverage includes autos owned by the insured's employees or members of their households, but only while used in the named insured's business or personal affairs.

3. Hired Auto

Coverage is provided only for autos leased, hired, rented or borrowed for use in the named insured's business.

Vessel Coverages

Coverage Details






Vessel Protection & Indemnity

  *Includes Hull Coverage for value of the vessel

Vessel Pollution Liability

Coverage Details






Pollution Limit of Liability sub-limit, combined single limit

*An Example of Vessel Liability Insurance: Little Sebago Lake Association owns and operates 4 suction dredges for milfoil mitigation.  These dredges are cumulatively valued at $49,500 and work throughout open water season. Operation requires workers to be active both on the dredge and in the water.  Little Sebago Lake Association will be able to purchase Vessel Protection and Indemnity from the Allen Agency for $2,143.  Since LSLA bears a burden of risk greater than most associations, the annual rate for other associations is expected to be considerably less costly.

Service Directory

Who to Contact:      

Gene McKeever, 207-236-4311, Extension 402

Toll Free: 800-439-4311

Email Gene McKeever

Office Hours: 8:30 AM  to  5:00 PM Monday – Friday

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