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What is Maine Lakes Society?

The Maine Lakes Society, formerly know as the  Maine Congress of Lake Associations, was formed in 1970 as a non-profit, charitable organization for Maine lakes. It is the only statewide network of individuals and lake associations devoted solely to the protection and preservation of our lakes.  Reflecting a broader more ambitious vision that acknowledges the interest of ALL Maine Citizens and the estimated 650,000 people who enjoy or use Maine's lakes each year, we changed our name and long term objectives at our 2013 Annual Lakes Conference in June.  

For more than 40 years Maine Lakes Society has been committed to protecting water quality and promoting sound land-use practices.  . More specifically the purposes of Maine Lakes Society are:

  • To provide a communication network and coordinating structure for lake-related projects and issues;
  • To provide a clearinghouse of environmental information pertaining to lake management;
  • To provide a pool of technical knowledge and expertise to advise and assist members;
  • To promote through education the appreciation and wise use of Maine lakes;
  • To promote boating and water safety;
  • To establish liaisons with other environmental groups and agencies;
  • To monitor and report to members on legislation and administrative actions affecting Maine lakes; and
  • To advocate and support legislation and administrative actions which promote sound lake management.

2014 Legislation - We Need Your Help!!

What Does Maine Lakes Society Do?

From testifying at a legislative hearing or hosting a conference on sewage disposal to alerting members about important lake issues throughout the state, the activities of Maine Lakes are as varied as its accomplishments.

Maine Lakes has always had a strong commitment to individual lake associations: how to start one, where to obtain water monitoring equipment, how to reduce erosion. While lake associations have concerns unique to their lakes, there are common statewide problems as well. Maine Lakes serves as a resource for both.

We are also committed to individuals - the people who love Maine's most valuable natural resources but who might not live on a lake or belong to a lake association. From kayakers  to anglers, from wildlife watchers to water-skiers, from folks who love to swim and splash to those enjoy boating or simply looking at a lake from a park or rest area, these people have an enduring connection to Maine's lakes and share the desire to protect them. 

We are also active with legislative issues. In the mid-1970's Maine COLA was influential in obtaining comprehensive legislation regarding dams and water levels, unchanged for centuries, which led to required water levels and better dam safety. Maine COLA is a member of the Great Ponds Task Force, charged with developing a package of recommendations which was passed by the Maine 118th Legislature in 1998. Supporting legislation for the welfare of our lakes continues to be an important component of Maine Lakes.

How is Maine Lakes Society Organized?

A president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, part-time executive director, and board of directors meet monthly in Augusta. These meetings are open to the public. Officers and board members are elected at the annual meeting which is held each year in different locations throughout the state.

Please e-mail us for information on how to support Maine Lakes'activities.


Maine Lakes Society 

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