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'LakeSmart Tour' for North Pond Association Board Members

Eighteen people representing the North Pond Association (NPA), Colby College, ME COLA, and the BRCA boarded the Melinda Ann and the Colby Compass for a ‘LakeSmart Tour’ of Great Pond on a clear Monday evening. The event was hosted by ME COLA, specifically organized by Maggie Shannon and captained by Phil Mulville. Two Colby summer research assistants, Rachael Mack and Zak Jaques, rode along on each boat as tour guides. Rick Watson, President of the NPA, scheduled the tour for his board members in order to educate and excite them about the LakeSmart Program.

The evening began in the almost-finished Maine Lakes Resource Center with an introduction by the newly appointed Executive Director of the Center, Kathi Wall, followed by a brief LakeSmart presentation by ME COLA Executive Director Maggie Shannon. The presentation provided specific information about the importance of the program, including its purpose and goals. Board members were also privileged to a private viewing of the building before boarding the two boats.

Excellent weather conditions prevailed as the Melinda Ann and Compass headed north from Great Pond Stream and around Chute’s Island toward Jamaica Point. Jamaica Point contained many LakeSmart award- and commendation-winning properties neighboring one another, featuring thick, multi-tiered buffers, and minimal impervious surfaces like decks or patios. The NPA board members were able to observe a progression of properties just beginning to implement Best Management Practices to LakeSmart award winning.

Leaving Jamaica Point, the boats drove to the west shore of Great Pond, to the property of Tree Robbins and Elaine Eadler. Tour participants were able to go ashore and walk the Robbins-Eadler property with their new LakeSmart perspective, and dissect the details of an award estate first hand. Specifically, the property exemplified a wide, five-tiered buffer that promoted maximum infiltration yet still maintained sightlines from the home to the lake. The couple also established meandering pathways and rain gardens throughout the property, complemented by mulch to help prevent erosion. The NPA board members also had a chance for a final LakeSmart discussion with the tour guides and received advice about how to disseminate this information to their fellow North Pond residents.

Are you or your neighbor interested in attending a LakeSmart tour of Great Pond? There will be a second tour on Saturday, August 27th from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. Individuals may sign up to participate by emailing or by calling the ME COLA office at 1-877-254-2511.



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