Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 Legislation - We Need Your Help!!


The following material has been adapted from Earl Morse's website: Exploring Your Lake With Kids <>.

Aboard the Melinda Ann: On the Water Activities

(click on any of the following activities to learn more about it and download the full program)

Activity 1: Measuring Water Clarity with a Secchi Disk

Activity 2: Plankton Tow, Introduction to Food Webs and Phytoplankton

Activity 3: Taking the Lake's Temperature to "See" Lake Stratification

Activity 4: Using a Benthic Dredge to Identify Insects in the Sediments

Activity 5: Examining Life in the Depths with the ROV



Aquatic Invasive Species

Includes an introduction to aquatic invasive species - what they are, why we care about them, and what we are doing about it - as well as information about invasive species currently in Maine and additional resources for educators.  Click here to learn more!


Water Quality

Includes an introduction to water clarity including how it is measured, what it means, and what we are doing to keep the quality at its best.  There are several links to outside resources with lesson plans about water quality as well as many other environmental topics.  Click here to learn more!


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